KLHunter.com was established from 01.02.2001 by KLHunter Management (001280030-D), has been involved primarily with the servicing industry of the web solutions and event solutions. Since May 2006, our company has upgraded to KLHunter Sdn Bhd (732412-K) in order to provide a better services to our clients.

Our Company Name

Kuala Lumpur is such a beautiful place to be, that is why we named it KLHunter Sdn Bhd (732412-K). In life, we always hunt for something, whether it is happiness, joy, peace, love, holidays, money, status, eternity, materialism, and much more. No matter what is in your mind, there is one of these driving forces that keep us moving everyday.
"At KLHunter, members are ensured for an exciting and wonderful time with us!"

Our People

It has always been said that with unity we will firm, if separate we will collapse. Likewise in ensuring growth and stability of a company unity plays a major role. With this in mind, we at KLHunter Sdn Bhd (732412-K) set our direction by selecting people that are not just knowledgeable but committed, have abilities to deliver more information to the public. We are dedicated in providing you with information and business opportunity that helps you build your own future. By providing Quality services, our staff is highly morale and willing to deliver more and even better in the future for long terms basis.

Our Vision

We Help You Get There !

The above is KLHunter Sdn Bhd (732412-K) defined vision statement, which means to help YOU toward your destination, goal and dream. In order to achieve the vision, strategies have been set by the company in their plan so that is in line with the target.
The creation of the brand name is one of KLHunter Sdn Bhd (732412-K) objective of the company strategy plan which will develop certain image to the community.

Our Misson

To be recognized as offering a superior quality customer service to the clients’ we serve and by our peers within the industry being socially responsible in the interest of out clients’, we continually strive to offer value added solutions while being responsive to ethical and cultural sensitivities at all times.
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