We offer a broad range of services for your corporate IT needs. With expertise and experienced professionals, we will meet and surpass your expectations. We aim to assist companies into the network age, recommending systems and software with the scalability and reliability needed to drive the electronic information age...

With the rapid momentum on how information technology is moving today, the needs of every corporate business which have their businesses on the internet or going to have their businesses onto the electronic information superhighway, will need to change to make sure that information is transmitted in the most cost-effective and secure approach.

We specialize in securing your web resources whether or not it is on the internet or the intranet. This also includes your Business-to-Business, Business-to-Customer, Business-to-Employee management in your company.

Our primary objective is to provide clients with the best option which will accommodate to your budgets and needs. The following are the major services which we provide.

clipWeb Architecture consulting (design and integration)

This service is provided to clients who need to have their electronic infrastructure designed. We will design and integrate it according to clients specification, their existing architecture and also recommend the best solution for optimum operation.

clipWeb Office Solutions

We design office application services on the web.


With customers who already have an architecture designed, we will assist in testing and development of the infrastructure.


When implementation stage is accomplished satisfactorily, we will assist in the deployment of the total solution into the production environment. This will also include another stage of testing (as per needed by clients).

clipWeb Customized Solutions

We also provide customization which may be needed to accommodate to the specifications of our clients’ website.


We specialize in specific web/email & software administration/management training.


By default we will provide support to the solutions which we supply for duration as agreed upon and if needed, extended support can be purchased at a minimal cost.

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